Bedtimes a constant struggle?

Monitor your child’s day to understand what they need
to do to wind down and have a good night’s sleep.

Bedtimes a constant struggle?

Monitor your child’s day to understand what they need to do to wind down and have a good night’s sleep.

Solve your child’s sleep problems 

Between school, sport and social activities are children’s lives are busier than ever.  It is easier for children to be overwhelmed, exhausted and unable to wind down for sleep.  What has happened during the day will impact on what help they need to wind down and sleep each evening.

Our app takes the guesswork out of managing the evening and bedtime routine. Using data from your child’s Fitbit (including their step count, HRV and BPM levels) we help parents understand what their child has had to cope with and what activities are the best to prepare them for successful sleep.

See where your child had issues during the day to identify triggers

Real-time alerts during the day
help you manage your child’s bedtime

Every evening there was a meltdown. No amount of bedtime stories and relaxing music helped.  We realized with Track to Sleep that the problem was that Calum was hugely overstimulated by 5pm. It was taking him until 11 to calm down. By tracking his HRV we could see what points in the day were causing his stress levels to shoot up and  talk to his teacher who quickly put strategies in place such as movement breaks and time outs. It also helped us identify really simple things we could do to help, such as take a walk in the evening.



I have always struggled to get to sleep, even when I feel tired my brain just doesn’t switch off.   I was often still wired from school but when mum asked why, I couldn’t explain what made me feel that way.  My mum and I now use my watch to see how I have been feeling during the day and work out things that might help me relax and sleep.


11 year old

Karen would never go to sleep before 11pm and even if she woke in the night (which was often!) she was still up by 6.  I got told she just needed less sleep, but I could also see Karen was really tired at weekends. She would sleep late and struggle to join in with family plans.  Since we have been managing her wind-down better she is often asleep before 9pm. She is getting around 9 hours sleep now, she’s less irritable and doing better in school. 



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