Are you due to have dental work on your teeth? Are you worried about your teeth or gums? Do you wish you had a dentist on hand to answer questions or concerns?

Chat to one of our dental experts now who can answer all the questions you have about dental procedures, managing pain and looking after your teeth afterwards.

We are here to give you reassurance and advice - free - 24 hrs a day.

How it works

Friendly reassurance

Our experts are here
to give you peace of mind

Available 24hrs a day

Whenever you are worried
we are there

On your phone

Chat to us from home,
work or on the go


Our advice is always free.
As we grow our community we will be
offering extra paid for services too

Overseen by dental specialists

Intelligent chat-bot technology combined
with real life dental experts ensuring
the best advice

Easy interface

Access to same medical information
as professionals but in an easy to
understand format

About Us

Sam Todd, a senior dental nurse in a Michigan practise has been helping patients for over 20 years. Patients told her they often had sleepless nights before procedures. Also, they often realised after leaving the dental practice that they had questions about treatments or how to better look after their teeth.

She wanted to be able to create a service that could give people accurate advice and support whenever they needed it.  Through the American Dental foundation she was awarded funding to develop ToothTruths.

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