Missed a dental check up (or two)? Worried there might be an underlying problem with your teeth?

Our qualified hygienists use state of the art mini cameras which look inside your mouth to assess your teeth and gums... All without the need to see your dentist!

This will be able to detect advanced cavities and decay, calculus, damaged teeth, and receding or inflamed gums.

Takes less than
2 minutes

Make the most of
our early-bird offer:
one week only

Our clever technology
can assess cavities,
plaque and gum health

Easy to follow advice to
start improving your
dental health at home

Conveniently located in
chemists, nationwide

Our friendly technicians
are always on hand

About Us

Tooth Booth are proud to launch the first oral scanner technology outside of dental surgeries.

We have been the no1 manufacturer of pro-oral scanners to the US dental industry for the last ten years. Speaking to dentists every day it became obvious that whilst the scanner was a great tool for the dentist, it only worked if people turned up at the dentist!

There are many reasons why we miss check ups at the dentist - it might be that we are simply too busy or it might be that the thought of the dentist chair is a daunting prospect. However delays in seeking treatment can lead to worse outcomes for patients. We developed the new oral scanner in the hope that it would give everyone the opportunity to keep a closer eye on their oral health and hopefully prevent problems developing too far before a dentist visit.

How it works




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