The first and only intelligent smart brush that allows you to hear when you’re brushing correctly.

A sensation unlike any other brush.

About Sonar Brush

The Sonar Brush is not the first smart brush. But it is the first smart brush that can detect how you brush (not just for how long) and uses built-in audio technology to guide you to better brushing performance. (No app needed)

Our homes are full of smart devices that make life easier and more enjoyable such as Nest, Waze and Google pebble. Now we are bringing that technology to the bathroom.

The Sonar Brush tracks how you currently brush and then prompts you (using audio and advanced solenoid technology) to gently push the brush in the right direction around your mouth, ensuring you cover every surface correctly.

As your technique improves and the need for audio prompts reduce instructions are reduced and you can enjoy the pleasing soundscape for two minutes, getting you in the right mindset for the rest of the day (or a deep sleep).

Sonar doesn’t just give you a deep clean. It’s a rich sensory experience that revolutionises the tooth-brushing experience.

How it works

Clinically proven

Continuously improves your oral
hygiene using the power of audio
feedback and AI monitoring
your routine

No app needed

Audio installed directly into the brush
with the brush’s software regularly
updated - just like a Tesla

Sleek & Intuitive Design

Move between settings
with a simple touch. Easy to
set up, monitor and share the
data with your dentist

Rich sensory experience

A pleasing soundscape that
make those two minutes of
brushing a focused, mindful

Live & Responsive Guidance

Begin with our voice-enabled
guide before reducing the
nudges to subtle, melodic
tones as you progress


The Sonar Brush has
most advanced sensor
system on the market

About Us

Dentists report that 70% of patients are not brushing their teeth correctly. We brush too hard, don’t brush long enough or consistently miss areas of the mouth leading to build-ups to plaque, tartar and decay.

Our mission at Sonar is to revolutionise toothbrushing by using the best of human centered design and advanced solenoid technology. We wanted to eliminate the need for apps and create the first truly smart toothbrush that is as sleek and intuitive as all your other smart devices.

Our research proved that the key to improved technique is immediate feedback and help to guide the brush around the mouth so you know if you have brushed every surface accurately.

Some of us are also crazy enough to think we might even enjoy two minutes of focused teeth brushing!

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