Sleep therapy Course

Helping you break the habit of poor sleep in just one month for $49.99

How to fall asleep

We all have the ability to learn to sleep well

but stressful life events or having children can cause or sleep patterns to break. Years later you may still be struggling to get to sleep, waking in the night or feel exhausted in the morning. The good news is that great sleep can be yours again by following some simple techniques for just one month. You don’t need to buy specialist products or use medication or believe in mindfulness – all you have to do is commit to a month’s programme where we work on your sleep habits.

Join the 80% of students who have made huge improvements in their sleep in just a few weeks.


How it works

Our easy to follow weekly online tutorials will teach you the techniques. There are also two one to one consultations whilst our trained sleep therapists will be on hand for one to one advice if you need additional help or adaptations to the course to make it work with your lifestyle. We use CBTi techniques, which are the treatment approved by the American Sleep Association. You will also become a member of our Slumber community where students support each other to stay on track.


Sleep and health

Course schedule

Week 1

  • Individual sleep review 

  • Why sleep problems happen

  • How worrying about sleep causes insomnia

  • Keeping a sleep diary

Week 2

  • Circadian rhythms

  • What is a sleep drive?

  • Creating the right bedtime and wake up time

Week 3

  • Why you need to bond with your bed

  • The solution to night-time waking

  • Sleep limitation techniques

Week 4

  • Individual sleep review 

  • Why sleep problems happen

  • How worrying about sleep causes insomnia

What our customers say

“I was blaming my bad sleep on stress at work. This course taught me that whilst I can’t solve all life problems I can still learn habits that enable me to sleep well. While the course was challenging at times (especially the first week) the results have been totally life changing!”


Fort Myers, FL

“I suffered from Insomnia for years. I bought every product under the sun to help you sleep better. But nothing helped. Slumber school made me realise that I’d broken my entire routine around sleep and helped me rebuild it from the ground up”


Minneapolis, MN

“I did Slumber School last year, and within the first week I was sleeping so much better. I realised all the advice I had been given before was making my sleep worse not better!! I now look forward to going to bed – I always say it’s the best money I ever spent.”


Sacramento, CA

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Since our approach uses 1 to 1 sessions with qualified therapists, we have limited numbers of places for each Slumber School class intake.


Payable upon course admission

Video tutorials

Health and wellbeing assessment

Sleep diary

2 x 1 to 1 consultations with therapist

Membership of the Slumber School community

How much difficulty do you have falling asleep?

How much difficulty do you have staying asleep?

What problems do you have with waking up too early?

How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your current sleep pattern?

How noticable to others do you think your sleep problem is in terms of impairing the quality of your life?

How worried or distressed are you about your current sleep problem?

To what extent do you consider your sleep problem to interfere with your daily functioning (e.g. daytime fatigue, mood, ability to function at work/daily chores, concentration, memory, mood, etc.) currently?