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Struggling to get to sleep? Waking up in the night?  Our nationwide team of sleep consultants can find out the cause of your sleep problems and work with you to solve them.
How to fall asleep

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Our trained experts will take you through a series of questionnaires regarding your health and current sleep which will deterimine whether your sleep issues are due to your sleep environment, an ingrained habit or a physical cause.

85% of sleep problems are solved by changing your sleep habits which retrains your brain.   Your $100 consultancy fee  is fully refundable against sleep training courses   

How it works

60-minute phone consultation

 We will identify if the cause is environmental, habitual or physical



avg 10% of users need to  

Adapt sleep environment 


Comprehensive advice on how to optimise your sleep environment 

$100 reimbursement if any sleep environment kit bought  


avg 85% service users need to  

Adapting new sleep habits and behaviours   


Identify which sleep training courses would work for your personality and sleep issue

$100 reimbursable against all training courses


avg 5% service users have:

Potential sleep apnea


Diagnostic advice for  sleep apnoae

$100 consultation fee fully reimbursable against a home diagnostic kit   

Available across the nation

What our customers say

“I had been really struggling to get to sleep off for a few years.  I spent a fortune over the years on products designed to help me nod off, was realy strict about not using my phone at night, winding down etc.  Within half an hour of speaking to the consultant I realised that lots of stuff I was doing, including going to bed early and lying in bed trying to sleep, I was just reinforcing a negative association with bedtime.  Within a week of sleep training I was dropping off in less than half an hour.  One year on I’m still sleeping well”


Fort Myers, FL

“I suffered from Insomnia for years. I would wake up at 4am and lie there for hours, finally dropping off just before my alarm.  I have tried CBT apps a few times but just couldn’t  stick with it.  I chose the intensive sleep training route and within two nights I was sleeping better again. “


Minneapolis, MN

“For years my doctor told me my sleep problems were stress related following my divorce.  Last year I was given sleeping medication which worked for a while but then things were worse than ever.  It was only when I spoke to the consultant that I realised that whilst stress had started my insomnia my body had just learnt bad sleep habits, that continued even though I was less stressed in the day. It took a month and at times it was tough but the support got me through and life is so much better now I am getting better sleep”


Sacramento, CA

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1 hr consultation costs $100

This is fully refundable if you then join a sleep training course


How much difficulty do you have falling asleep?

How much difficulty do you have staying asleep?

What problems do you have with waking up too early?

How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your current sleep pattern?

How noticable to others do you think your sleep problem is in terms of impairing the quality of your life?

How worried or distressed are you about your current sleep problem?

To what extent do you consider your sleep problem to interfere with your daily functioning (e.g. daytime fatigue, mood, ability to function at work/daily chores, concentration, memory, mood, etc.) currently?