Solve your sleep problems with a sleep consultant.

Struggling to get to sleep? Waking up in the night?  Our team of mobile sleep consultants can find out the reason why you can’t sleep and guide you into a treatment plan.
How to fall asleep

Find out now why you are not sleeping  – 24 hr nationwide service   

Our trained therapists will take you through a series of questionnaires regarding your health and current sleep which will deterimine whether your sleep issues are due to your sleep environment, an ingrained habit or a physical cause.

85% of sleep problems are solved by sleep training.   $100 consultancy fee fully refundable against sleep retraining courses   

How it works

60-minute phone consultation

 We will identify if the cause is environmental, habit or physical


SOLUTION for 10% of people

Adapt sleep environment 


Advice given during consultation 

SOLUTION for 85% of people

Change sleep habits or routine


Advised which sleep training course
would help you.

$100 reimbursable
against all training courses

SOLUTION for 5% of people

Physical cause such as sleep apnea
and restless legs 


Advice on finding expert within insurer network 

Our therapist will cover the following areas:

Sleep environment

light blah blah 

Physical causes

If the therapist believes there is an underlying physical cause such as sleep apnoea or restless legs you will be given advice as to how to approach this with your healthcare provider.

Sleep hygiene and habits

If it is insomnia due due to stress or an ingrained sleep habit we can offer you sleep training online or in person – 85% of people with insomnia learn to sleep again with sleep retraining.  We offer a range of courses from intensive sleep retraining over 2 nights to longer online courses you can do at the pace to suit you

Consultancy fee fully refundable against sleep training courses

Available across the nation

What our customers say

“I’d done all the usual stuff of having a wind down routine, not having my phone in bed, black out blinds etc but still couldn’t sleep.  This course taught me that my body just needed to learn to go to sleep and stay asleep again, like a baby would. It was tough but it works!  One year on I’m still sleeping well”

Fort Myers, FL

“I suffered from Insomnia for years. I have tried CBT a few times but just couldn’t  stick with it, with my lifestyle.   This was pretty brutal sleep training but it worked.  From day 2 I was sleeping through the night ”

Minneapolis, MN

“For years my doctor told me my sleep problems were stress related.  Last year I was given sleeping medication which worked for a while but then things were worse than ever.  It was only when I spoke to Sleep Bootcamp that I realised my body had just learnt bad sleep habits.  It’s certainly not a spa experinece, its a weekend of hard work but it has paid off.”


Sacramento, CA

Find out if the course is right for you


1 hr consultation costs $99.99

This is fully refundable if you then join a sleep training course


How much difficulty do you have falling asleep?

How much difficulty do you have staying asleep?

What problems do you have with waking up too early?

How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your current sleep pattern?

How noticable to others do you think your sleep problem is in terms of impairing the quality of your life?

How worried or distressed are you about your current sleep problem?

To what extent do you consider your sleep problem to interfere with your daily functioning (e.g. daytime fatigue, mood, ability to function at work/daily chores, concentration, memory, mood, etc.) currently?