Wave goodbye to jet lag

Shooft’s smart scheduling allows you to avoid jet lag by timing your sleep, meals and light exposure.

Coronavirus Update

We are closely monitoring the current public health challenge presented by Coronavirus (Covid19) and will be informing our beta testers via the app if anything effecting the trial changes as the situation develops. Currently we are still accepting new sign ups and will be extending the length of the trial to compensate for the reduced amount of global air travel.


Flying long haul disrupts your body clock and jet lag is a natural response to this change.  However you can move your body clock easier and more quickly by carefully timing your sleep, light exposure, caffeine intake and melatonin supplementation.

Unfortunately if you use these the wrong way you can also prolong your jet lag. Our smart algorithm, developed through major consumer trials, creates a personalized schedule designed specifically for you. All you need to do is download the app and follow the simple routine. 

Easy to follow a schedule with clear visual reminders of your schedule. It can be integrated with many calendar apps making it easy to plan your day.

In-app notifications and alerts will keep you on track even on the busiest day.


Personalised sleep routine based on your trip details and your chronotype (whether you are a night owl or a lark).  Shooft will plan your optimum sleep before and after your flight as well as your in flight nap times.


Light exposure is the most important signal for your body. Blue light exposure can be used to move your circadian clock forwards making it easier to adapt to changing time zones.


Caffeine is a stimulant and can be used to great effect to reduce the effects of jet lag so long as it is taken at the right time and the right amounts.  We will also advise you when to avoid caffeine so you can sleep.


Many people find melatonin helpful for managing jet lag.  The timing of melatonin is crucial to it working effectively and the app has helpful reminders for the best time to take the supplement.

I fly to Singapore at least once a month on a business trip. You are only just getting into a rhythm when you fly back and then you are exhausted for more than a week. It was really taking a toll on my health. My colleagues told me about the Shooft beta trial and I have now used it on my last three trips. It’s really straightforward to follow and it made a huge difference to my jet lag.



I have been travelling around Asia three times and I love it but the jet lag is a killer. When I joined the beta I wasn’t sure what to expect and whether it would be difficult to follow the advice but I found it really simple and I definitely felt like I could get into the local time zone much quicker and really enjoy my time sightseeing and meeting people.


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If you think Shooft could help you, please tell us a little about yourself. If you are an employer interested in Shooft for your staff please email us at hello@shooft.co

Please let us know a little about yourself, If you are selected for the beta you will be sent a download link for the app (iOS and Android).