Take control of your DNA

At myDNA we provide an ancestry and medical DNA report - but with a difference. We are transparent about who gets to see your data so you remain in control.

How myDNA works

Your DNA is valuable. Services like 23 and Me charge for DNA profiling then make money from it. That can't be right. Take control of your DNA. Know who is using it and make money when they do.


Smooth your income and get paid a regular amount, even during holidays.


No more rasty surprises from unexpected tax bits or large maintenance expenses


From a mouth swab we analyse your DNA and provide an ancestry and medical DNA report.

We store your DNA then when biomedical research want to use it we share the profits.

By creating a market in DNA data we ensure a more transparent ecosystem where you, the individual, knows exactly who is using your data and why.

We take data safeguarding seriously



Remove your data whenever you want



Control which organisations can access your data



Stay up to date with the latest breakthroughs achieved

This means that 23andMe customers will, in effect, be charged twice for any potential “innovative new medicines” their DNA helps produce. The first time they paid for the DNA sequencing service; the second time they pay for the medicine that it helps create.
— Daniel Oberhaus, Vice Magazine, 2018

Take control of your DNA data

Please register your interest with us and one of our research assistants will get in touch with you. We will not be collecting any of your data until you provide explicit consent.

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