Natural pain relief that soothes you into sleep

Using the latest neuromodulation technology and sensory deprivation, the Migrasleep mask relieves severe migraine pain to ease you into a restorative sleep

Migraine Cure Sleep Mask


Migraine Sleep Mask

Almost all migraine sufferers have a problem with a specific part of the nervous system, called the trigeminal nerve. Different stimuli such as stress, irregular sleep, light and noise can trigger an abnormal wave of electrochemical activity via this nerve across the surface of the brain. This can cause visual disturbances, intense pain, nausea and exhaustion – symptoms well known to migrainers.

Migrasleep is a non-invasive digital therapeutic device that stimulates the trigeminal nerve via a small electrode situated on the band next to the forehead. The micro-impulses change the signal to the brain, thus relieving migraines. A HRV biosensor detects your slowing heart beat and prompts the device to switch off once you have fallen asleep.

Using HRV data from trials we can see that 89% of migrainers have reduced pain and have entered a relaxed state within 7 minutes of using the device and over 82% achieve sleep in 16 minutes.


I get migraines regularly and all I want to do is lie down in a dark place and try to sleep, but that is near impossible when I’m in so much pain. I would just have to lie there in agony waiting for the painkillers to work. My Dr offered me prescription meds but I didn’t want to become reliant on them, I’ve tried natural treatments such as herbal remedies and meditation but nothing’s really worked. My friend recommended this mask and I wasn’t convinced at first but I gave it a go and within five minutes the pain had reduced enough for me to fall asleep.



I get very severe migraines around menstruation and it’s got worse since I became peri-menopausal. I would be woken up by them and just lie there in terrible pain. I would get up and take painkillers but would need four over the counter tablets for any effect and even then the pain would take so long to subside my sleep was messed up. I was exhausted the next day – and in a vicious cycle because the more tired I was the more likely it was I would get a migraine again. The mask works so well that I can just take one painkiller put on the mask and I back to sleep again within half an hour.



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