Better brushing in just 12 weeks 

We all have intentions but keeping up a regular brushing and flossing regime can be hard and this is why we created Kitty. 

We use proven coaching techniques and incentives to help people change their daily habits – for life.   

Need an incentive to get brushing or flossing?  Choose from our rewards scheme – a  financial reward for good brushing,  raising funds for your favourite charity every time you pick up your toothbrush or keeping score against your peers. 

Find daily habits hard to keep?   Over 12 weeks we can support you with feedback, reminders and helpful hints to keep you on track .


Smart Teeth Brushing Techology
Girl with a beautiful smile and bright white teeth

The Kitty Difference

Kitty is a smart dental savings plan…. that costs just $99 a year. 

We don’t just want you to have the best dental discounts (we discount match our discounts against all the major providers and we promise never to be beaten).

We also want to help you improve the way you brush your teeth. That way, you can save even more money, but not having to visit the dentist so often.

By using our FREE advanced smart brush you can access even greater discounts and more rewards.

Join the Kitty community and get free teeth scans and a smart brush to help you keep your pearly whites bright!

The most recent expert advice tells us that if you brush well and floss regularly you can leave longer gaps between dental checkups. Who doesn’t want to go to the dentist less?

As we’re a bank (not an insurance company) if you don’t need to visit the dentist you keep the money in your account to use at a later date. You could even take a payment holiday!

Girl with a beautiful smile and bright white teeth

All About Kitty..

Teeth scanning

Brush and Save

Up to an additional 50% off if you brush regularly.

smart toothbrush

Smart brush technology

Improve your brushing technique with personalized tips and advice.

Savings returned

Concierge Service

Our helpful dental nurses are always on hand for advice and to book your appointments.

percent discount

Discounted treatments

Joining Kitty automatically gives you up to 60% off many dental treatments.

Joyful Kitty

Payout every time in full

You access the money you set aside. So no exclusions, excess, or limits.

Stree free

Flexible finance

Immediate access to money for emergency or cosmetic treatments.

How It Works

Number one

Set Up

Sign up and pay the $99 a year fee. Once enrolled you can immediately book any dental procedure you need through our friendly nurse co-coordinators. No need to ring around different dentists. We find you the perfect one.

Number two


After you sign up we send you a FREE smart brush to monitor the way you brush your teeth. There is no app to install, no software to use. Once we know your mouth “score” we offer you rewards and incentives, including further discounts on our already low rates, to brush better.

Number three

Staying healthy

If you haven’t been a great brusher in the past or, if you have a child or spouse who you think could improve, as they improve they may be able to go to see the dentist less, because they’re brushing so well.

How it works

Number one

Set Up

We send you a free scanner and smart brush and monitor you for a week. Based on that information we tell you your plaque score and how much you should save a month on check-ups.

Number two


Based on your brushing patterns and latest scans, we’ll tell you if you need to scan your teeth. Experts monitor these scans and we will let you know immediately if we see any issues that need attention.

Number three

Visiting the Dentist

If you do need to visit the dentist or hygienist you get discounted treatments and transparent pricing. If you don’t need to visit, the money stays in your account until you need it.

About Us

We are a group of health care professionals who helped develop new dental insurance products using smart brush technology. These clever brushes detect how well people are brushing their teeth to set how high normal insurance premiums should be.

We loved the technology and it’s ability to keep people out of the dentists’ chair but we still didn’t like the insurance industry’s model of co-pays, deductibles and paperwork.

We believe with Kitty we’ve created the fairest, cheapest and best dental savings plan in America – but don’t just take our word for it – Kitty is now backed by one of the worlds largest consumer healthcare companies.

Register Your Interest

Kitty costs $99 a year.

We price match our discounts against all the major dental savings plan and we promise never to be beaten!

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