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Our Beta trial

Making sure kids develop a good tooth brushing routine can be a battle. Our experts have designed rewards and games work with clever smart brush technology (which accurately tracks where and how kids are brushing their teeth) to put you back in control.

Children get to choose from hundreds of fun, 2 minute games to play for rewards, unlocking levels and other treats you define.

Parents get daily updates on their child’s routine in simple charts so you know their brushing time and technique are improving. All of which can be shared with dentists, hygienists and other healthcare professionals.


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Beta Benefits

BrushSquad helps kids to brush properly - and parents to discreetly monitor their progress

  • For the kids

    Choose from 100s of different 2 min games from ages 6 to 11

  • Upload characters from Rocket League, Minecraft, Pokemon and many more

  • Choose from a range of rewards you control (iPad time, late to bed points or pocket money)

  • For the parents

    Understand where they may be over-brushing or bits they might be missing

  • Share the information with your dentist or hygienist to prevent plaquey problems before they start

  • No change whatsoever required to their existing routine - they simply pick up the brush - all you need is an iPad or tablet

How it works

  • Sign up

    Sign up for our beta test and receive our toothbrush for free 

  • Download

    The app onto any tablet or phone and sync to your device

  • Reward

    Introduce your child to the reward system (we show you how…)

  • Monitor

    As much as possible, let them use it without you intervening

  • Nudge

    Their progress from any other device and nudge them to improve

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About the Beta trial

Motivated to end the constant nagging and toothbrush tantrums, BrushSquad was set up by parents just like you. We understand how challenging it can be to ensure your children are motivated to brush their teeth correctly.
We are running a beta test with a handful of interested individuals with the aim of transforming the usual two minutes of tedium into rewarding fun, while building habits that will last a lifetime. If you are interested to learn more, please leave your details below.

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