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Smart supplements for shift work

Working shifts can take its toll on your health


Adaptify supplements are tailored to boost your energy levels as you work and get you to sleep quickly once it’s over. Make the night shift work for you.



A combination of natural supplements that will increase energy levels and allow you to be alert when you need it most. 


  • 5HTP to increase serotonin levels and help with sleep disorders whilst improving your mood
  • Vitamin A to assist your body’s natural defence against illness and infection
  • Vitamin D to compensate for the effects on bone density from reduced sun exposure
  • Vitamin B12 & B6 to regulate sleep pattern and provide mental clarity
  • Vitamin C & Zinc to boost and support a healthy immune system



Provides a fast route to deep and sound recovery sleep to enhance rapid body restoration combating fatigue


  • Melatonin to regulate the body’s internal clock and provide a natural aid to sleep

  • Magnesium chloride to organically encourage sleep, digestion, bone health and calm 

  • Marine collagen promoting glycine enhances sleep quality and helps to stabilise blood sugar

  • N-acetyl Cysteine a precursor to Gutathione; antioxidant

  • Hyaluronic acid to preserve bone strength, relieve joint pain and attribute to healthy skin

 Working nights left me feeling exhausted on my days off, irritable with the kids and dreading going back to work. Within a week of using Adaptify I noticed I was sleeping better and had more energy on my days off.  Within a month as the levels of the supplements changed around my own shift patterns I noticed I was relying less on caffeine to get through my shift.

How can Adaptify help you?

Adaptify begins by giving you an average dose of our Pre and Post shift pills.
As our clever app learns about your routine we personalise your Adaptify supplements to optimise the dose.

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